If you dream about having a happy child then you are in the right place. And you know what? We have something in common, because I dream about exactly the same.

We have similar dreams. We are different and our children are different, but I have no doubt that our dreams are similar. I created this place in a virtual space, so that we could talk about about children’s development matters.

My way to this place

My name is Anna Jankowska. I’m an educational counselor with ten years of experience working with children, teachers and parents. I write books for children, teachers and parents. I’m creating a parenting blog about childrens development and challenges of motherhood.

How did it happen that you create your own blog? I always write, first these were books (today there are 12 of them), and then just virtual reality. These are two completely different experiences, both interesting, I’m still learning.

I wrote some of those books over 10 years ago, when nobody has talked in Poland about raising children without prizes and penalties, closeness parenting, mindfulness, positive discipline or self-reg. My blog is all about these right now, but when I sometimes come back to this books, I smile at myself, because thanks to them (literally) I can see how much has changed in thinking (including mine way of thinking) about raising happy children, how many psychological and pedagogical studies of recent years have brought in, what long pedagogical route I have traveled and how much is still ahead of me.

Specialist does not bite!

Maybe you know the story that I often tell during workshops and meetings? When I was working at school, both students, parents and teachers approached conversations with the teacher with a certain distance. For a long time I wondered how to encourage them to talk. One day, I hung a large poster on the door of my office with the inscription: The educational counselor is not a lion. It will not bite you. Since then, the door to my office has always been open and people have begun to come. We’ve finally started talking.

Today we are talking virtually, and my virtual office has no door. But there are still many parents who get lost in the amount of information flooding the interet. The problem is that it is difficult to break through it looking for a specific solution. And it is not always professional. Sometimes you just want to ask someone competent for advice.

And here I am. After all, with a toothache, you go to the dentist, and go to the doctor with your tongue. So boldly write to me, call, shout, talk about educational matters.

You always ask me what the educator really does. I will answer this question: pedagogy is a science about the upbringing and development of a child. The educator deals with the introduction of theory into practice. What theory? Everything that is connected with the family environment, family problems, communication between family members, school and kindergarten. My job is also to look for unusual solutions to everyday educational problems and to translate children’s emotions so that adults can understand them.

You know that every week with a child brings new challenges. Sometimes also problems. This is a completely natural matter. At school, they do not teach how to raise a happy child. You need to get this knowledge from a different source. You’re right, preferably straight from the heart. But you can always look at my blog.

Sometimes I give opinions and reviews about books and products for children. I use them myself and share my experiences. I usually add original ideas for playing with my child to these reviews. I do not like to buy for the same purchase. I care about spending time together in a sensible, creative and developing way of thinking a child. However, I do not care about showing anything and everything. That is why these choices for testing are so thought-out. You will find a lot of them in here. Many of them are film reviews.

Blog is not enough

I know that you do not always have time to read my long entries. Not everyone likes to learn knowledge in this way. That’s why I prepared some of the themes in the form of movies and podcasts. All you need is a phone and headphones. You can listen / watch while walking, driving, ironing, on the playground, at the hairdresser, on the way to work, after the child to kindergarten, while bathing, building a house, flying into space. For mother, nothing is impossible.

  • So there is a vlog with videos about parenting challenges.
  • There is a podcast that you can download and listen for free on your Android phone or iPhone.
  • I manage two groups on Facebook. The first concerns educational issues, you can join us here – click. The second is the largest Polish group where we talk about children’s books. Click here and see how grat it is.
  • I also have an old-fashioned mailbox, which I personally use all the time. That’s why I answer every email. I know how difficult it is sometimes to talk about a problem, throw something out of your chest or just admit that something is wrong. Each of your message is just as important to me, so if you want, write boldly: blog@tylkodlamam.pl or use on-line consultation.
  • However, if you prefer to talk to a wider group, I invite you to my fanpage.

I hope you know a little more about me. If this information encouraged you to talk about cooperation, I invite you to the site where I will tell you a little more about it.